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4D Nucleome Aims to Understand the Principles Underlying Nuclear Organization

Working to understand the principles underlying nuclear organization in space and time, the role nuclear organization plays in gene expression and cellular function, and how changes in nuclear organization affect both normal development and various diseases.

4D Nucleome Aims to Improve Public Health

The 4D Nucleome (4DN) Program explores the 3D organization of the DNA in the nucleus and how the organization changes over time (the fourth dimension). Exploring the 4D organization of DNA requires developing new tools to observe differences in the organization of DNA between different cells and how the genome organization in the nucleus of a single cell changes over time.
Program Overview

4DN Phase II Funded Research Announcements

The 3D Genome - Nature Reviews: Molecular Cell Biology

Mapping the Structure of Genomes in Space and Time

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4D Nucleome News

Register now to this year's Annual Meeting (4DN funded members only). Abstract deadline has been extended to November 4.... Read more
October 25, 2022
Blake Nolan
“Multimodal Visualization for 4DN data using Nucleome Browser and OME” October 28, 2022 8AM – 9AM PST; Virtual on Zoom... Read more
October 21, 2022
Blake Nolan
“The 4DN Data Portal - Data, Resources and Tools to help elucidate nuclear organization in space and time” September 23, 2022 8AM – 9AM PST; Virtual on Zoom... Read more
October 1, 2022
Blake Nolan
Weixiang Fang, Claire M. Bell, Abel Sapirstein, Soichiro Asami, Kathleen Leeper, Donald J. Zack, Hongkai Ji, Reza Kalhor... Read more
November 23, 2022
Katherine A Freitas, Julia A Belk, Elena Sotillo, Patrick J Quinn, Maria C Ramello, Meena Malipatlolla , Bence Daniel, Katalin Sandor, Dorota Klysz, Jeremy Bjelajac, Peng Xu, Kylie A Burdsall, Victor Tieu, Vandon T Duong, Micah G Donovan, Evan W Weber, Howard Y Chang, Robbie G Majzner, Joaquin M Espinosa,... Read more
November 22, 2022
Bence Daniel, Kathryn E. Yost, Sunnie Hsiung, Katalin Sandor, Yu Xia, Yanyan Qi, Kamir J. Hiam-Galvez, Mollie Black, Colin J. Raposo, Quanming Shi, Stefanie L. Meier, Julia A. Belk, Josephine R. Giles, E. John Wherry, Howard Y. Chang, Takeshi Egawa & Ansuman T. Satpathy ... Read more
October 26, 2022
Zou, R. S., Liu, Y., Reyes Gaido, O. E., Konig, M. F., Mog, B. J., Shen, L. L., Aviles-Vazquez, F., Marin-Gonzalez, A., Ha, T.... Read more
October 30, 2022
Anguera, M., Sierra, I., Nguyen, S. C., Barnett, R. J., Cook, A., Ryu, H.-S., Beethem, Z., Phillips-Cremins, J. E., Joyce, E. F.... Read more
October 21, 2022
Chen, L.-F., Long, H. K., Park, M., Swigut, T., Boettiger, A. N., Wysocka, J.... Read more
October 21, 2022

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