Associate memberships

The 4DN Program offers researchers not currently funded by 4DN the opportunity to apply to join the program as non-voting associate members. Associate members are expected to contribute to the research goals of the consortium by generating data in common cell lines that have been selected by 4DN members for use in cross-consortium projects, and making these data freely available through the 4DN Data Coordination and Integration Center (DCIC), and/or by contributing to cross-consortium integrative analyses.

Associate membership does not directly or indirectly imply a commitment to funding by the NIH.

For more information see the Guidelines and Policies for 4DN Associate Membership.

Associate Memberships
PI Name Institution Project Title
Rafelski, Susanne (contact)
Gunawardane, Ru
Allen Institute for Cell Science Building an integrated hiPSC nuclear state space
Wang, Peter Yingxiao University of California San Diego Development of biosensesors for the locus-specific tracking of epigenetic histone modifications
Strambio, Caterina (contact)
Grunwald, David
The University of Massachusetts Medical School Development of a tiered system of guidelines for describing and documenting microscopy experiments
Tan, Kai University of Pennsylvania Network approaches to analysis of chromatin interaction data
Libbrecht, Maxwell (contact)
Hoffman, Michael
Simon Fraser University Understanding large-scale genome regulation through joint analysis of chromatin state and chromatin conformation
Jie Liu University of Michigan Project 1: An accurate and interpretable computational model for nucleosome resolution chro- matin contact maps for a wide range of cell lines
Project 2: Manifold alignment methods for integrating multiple single cell omics measures
Lonnie Welch Ohio University Discovering and interpreting transcription factor binding motifs related to 3D genome conformation