2017 TCPA Awardees

Ten researchers received the Transformative Collaborative Project Award (TCPA) to build trans- or interdisciplinary teams that will pursue novel research or develop new tools and technologies to support the 4DN mission and further enhance international collaboration.

Funded by National Institutes of Health
PI Name Institution Name Title
Karen Adelman (contact)
Joanna Wysocka
Harvard Medical School Elucidating the role of nascent RNA in enhancer-promoter communication and three-dimensional genome organization
Brad Cairns (contact)
Antonio Giraldez
University of Utah Establishing the 3D chromatin architectural organization of the zebrafish embryonic genome
Wouter de Laat (contact)
Jeroen de Ridder
Hubrecht Institute, Netherlands Multi-Contact Conformation Capture: uncovering regulatory hubs and mutually exclusive topologies
Steve Henikoff (contact)
Kamran Ahmad
Jay Shendure
William Noble
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Tethered nuclease strategies for in situ mapping of 3D nuclear organization
Nicola Neretti (contact)
Anuj Srivastava
Chao-Ting Wu
Brown University Inference and Validation of Chromosomes 3D Structure via Statistical Shape Analysis of Elastic Curves Models
Karla Neugebauer (contact)
Joan Steitz
Yale University The Cell Nucleus under Stress
Francois Spitz (contact)
Leonid Mirny
Thomas Gregor
Institute Pasteur, Paris, France Dynamic 3D folding of the mammalian genome: molecular determinants and impact on gene expression in vivo
Keji Zhao National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Development of TrAC-loop, a novel technique to detect genome-wide chromatin interactions

Funded by Canadian Institutes of Health Research
PI Name Institution Name Title
Tomi Pastinen (contact)
Elin Grundberg
Guillaume Bourque
McGill University Accessing chromatin interactions by high-resolution analyses of correlated regulatory element variation
Arturas Petronis (contact)
Ting Wang
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Canada Spatiotemporal dynamics of chromatin: the circadian and aging connection