2021 4DN Annual Meeting

Held virtually on Zoom
December 8-10, 2021

The 2021 4DN Annual Meeting is open to 4DN Phase II funded members only (RFA-RM-20-XXX).

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Up to 40 podium talks will be selected from abstracts


Meeting Agenda (draft)

We are thrilled to announce our first 4DN Image Contest at the 2021 4DN Annual Meeting. Submit your best images before November 11, 2021. Many exciting categories for you to win. Don't miss it!

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Useful Zoom tutorials

Several rooms on SpatialChat will be available throughout the meeting for networking opportunity. Please check out here a quick tutorial on how to use it.

Planning Committee Members

Ana Pombo, Sheng Zhong, Carl Wu, Geeta Narlikar, Ian Fingerman, Christina Leslie, Christine Disteche, Frank Alber, Jian Ma, Job Dekker, Judy Mietz, Lacra Bintu, Mike Pazin, Olivier Blondel, Rene Maehr, Susanne Rafelski, Yin Shen, Kate Rivera-Noel, Riccardo Calandrelli, Charles Richard John Lalith, Ambuj Srivastava.

Organizational Hub (OH) contact information

For questions regarding the meeting, please email Kate Rivera-Noel at annualmeeting@4dnucleome.org.